SVolt presents new stationary energy storage solutions

Frankfurt am Main/Jintan, March 10, 2022 – SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (SVOLT), a global high-tech company headquartered in China, presents an innovative portfolio for efficient and sophisticated energy storage. The new Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) address energy suppliers as well as industry, trade and private households. The solutions are developed according to the latest design principles. The focus is on the attributes “safe”, “strong” and “smart”. Safety refers to the entire cell and the complete life cycle. In this respect, SVOLT ensures a continuous and smooth process – from production and delivery to operation and maintenance (“safe”).

Technologies enable a wide range of intelligent functions

The design of the solution meets strict internal standards and the high quality requirements of the industry (“strong”). The complete life cycle, including the management of large amounts of data (big data), is mapped. This ensures an all-round stable and reliable operation of the system. In addition, a number of smart technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), have been incorporated into the solutions, enabling intelligent monitoring, early warning and prediction of potential faults. Customers thus benefit from regional, collaborative control of the system as well as smart functions for control, operation and maintenance. This enables user companies to optimise their strategy with regard to the intelligent and flexible use and distribution of energy (“smart”).

Roadmap for the availability of ESS systems

The provision of products, solutions and services around SVOLT’s ESS follows a clear roadmap: Already this year, so-called Energy Storage Units (ESU) will be available, with a particularly high flexibility, scalability, intelligence, reliability, safety and standardisation. The CE-Series ESU, for example, is a highly modular and standardised energy storage solution based on LFP cell technology. It supports a wide range of applications such as renewable energy integration, dynamic capacity expansion, demand-side energy management, distributed power generation, emergency power supply and fast charging of electric vehicles. The solution has cells with 280 Ah and 3.2 V. In addition, medium-scale ESS systems are available, enabling advanced thermal management and efficient temperature control in the cell. The CE-M-100/200 Medium-scale ESS solution has advanced fire protection mechanisms, ensuring safe and reliable operation over a long period of time. From 2023, modular liquid-cooled ESS components will then be launched on the market. In the same year, SVOLT also plans to offer accompanying Smart Energy Professional Services.

In addition, SVOLT offers a cloud-based big data service platform for regional energy supply. This promotes the use of renewable energies, increases flexibility and efficiency and makes a decisive contribution to reducing emissions. Last but not least, this also supports the sustainable and ecologically oriented use of valuable energy resources.


Bob Tao, Senior Director BESS Business Development at SVOLT Europe: “With the Energy Storage Solutions, we provide modern, high-performance and highly efficient energy storage solutions for a wide range of requirements, use cases and industries. Thanks to the innovative design concept, scalability, variety of intelligent functions and high level of security, we are paving the way for future-oriented, innovative energy management that also takes into account the coming challenges of digitally transformed markets.”

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