SVOLT in Europe

In order to meet the high demand for batteries and battery systems for electric vehicles as well as that of energy storage systems, we are continuously evaluating locations and steadily expanding our global network of production facilities and research and development sites.

As a result, SVOLT battery factories are currently being built here in Europe, which will be among the most modern and sustainable in the world.

In the search for suitable locations for the first European factories, we examined 32 sites throughout Europe in an intensive selection process between October 2019 and September 2020. In the end, the choice fell on Germany. Germany is characterized by its central location in the heart of the European economic area, an excellent infrastructure and a thriving environment with internationally successful companies.

SVOLT is currently planning to actively shape the future of e-mobility from three locations in Germany.

SVOLT in Europe

SVOLT / Heusweiler

In Heusweiler, our first European module and pack factory is being built on the 157,000 m² site of a former laminate production facility. Here, the battery cells produced at the other European locations (Überherrn and Lauchhammer) will be further processed into modules and packs. In addition to the proximity to the site of the future cell factory in Überherrn, it was above all the good transport links that convinced the company. The site is directly connected to the B268 and the A8. There is also a pedestrian link to the Saarbahn station "Eiweiler Nord", which will enable employees and customers to travel to the site without the need for a car.

The basis for the construction of the factory is the master planning commissioned by gwSaar 2021 and developed in cooperation with SVOLT. The necessary conversion measures as well as new construction work on the site in Heusweiler will be carried out by the Goldbeck company as general contractor on behalf of the Batteriefabrik Heusweiler (PBH) project company, a spin-off of SHS-Strukturholding Saar. The aim is to continue to use the existing buildings on the site in the best possible way in terms of sustainability and to keep the conversion measures to a minimum.

The move into the offices in Heusweiler for employees in Saarland has already taken place in November 2022. They will ensure efficient cooperation on site with the project partners involved, PBH and Goldbeck. The signing of the long-term lease agreement, with a term of 15 years, also took place in November 2022. The first part of the building (Production 1) is scheduled to go into use as early as 2023, while the other parts of the building will follow in stages. Final completion has been contractually agreed by mid-2024.

SVOLT / Lauchhammer

In addition to the cell factory in Überherrn, a further production site for battery cells is being built in Lauchhammer. This contributes to the achievement of our capacity targets in Europe and secures the settlement projects in Saarland through its short-term availability, as current customer projects can thus be served promptly.

The takeover of the former Vestas site in Lauchhammer Brandenburg took place in August 2022. The site was selected in particular with regard to the size of the area, availability, skilled workers, infrastructural connections and possible regionally based partner companies. Lauchhammer is part of a dynamic economic region in the field of electromobility.

As early as mid-November 2022, the Lauchhammer town council unanimously approved a development plan for the site. A large part of the existing halls in Lauchhammer is to continue to be used in the best possible way. Nevertheless, conversion and expansion measures are necessary.

A master plan is currently being developed which will contain details of the timing, conversion and modernization measures.

SVOLT / Überherrn

In Überherrn on "Linslerfeld", a battery cell factory with 24 GWh of installed capacity in the final expansion stage is to be built. This equals batteries for 300,000 to 500,000 e-vehicles per year. The "Linslerfeld" site in Überherrn was selected in particular with regard to the size of the site, its availability, the infrastructural links and the optimized transport connections with a direct link to the national road network. SVOLT commissioned SHS Strukturholding Saar with the construction and turnkey installation.
SVOLT decided on a two-stage development plan procedure for the location of the planned battery cell factory in Überherrn, Saarland. In the first stage, this provided for early participation by the public and public interest groups, which was completed in July 2022. Comprehensive expert reports were prepared, for example on species protection, climate and air hygiene, hydrogeology and traffic. The findings from the expert opinions will influence the further concrete factory planning of the battery cell factory, which is currently being implemented with a German general planner experienced in the construction of battery factories.

As soon as the factory planning has been completed, the authorities and the public will be involved again. This serves to create planning law as a basis for the construction of the project. SVOLT scrupulously adheres to these processes.

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