SVOLT presents revolutionary battery technologies at the 2023 Shanghai International Motor Show


SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“SVOLT”),
a leading high-tech company in the manufacturing of battery cells and energy
storage systems, was pleased to participate in the 20th Shanghai International
Auto Show.

From 18 to 27 April, SVOLT showcased its latest innovations, including the innovative Dragon Armor battery, Short Blade Cells and other energy storage products.

Dragon Armor Battery Pack at Exhibition booth Auto Shanghai
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Press release

Dragon Armor battery sets new standards
in electromobility with high range and fast-charging capability

A highlight of the product presentations: The Dragon Armor battery from SVOLT. It sets new standards in the industry and is compatible with all common cathode materials, including lithium iron, NCM, cobalt-free NMX and more. With a range of up to 1000+ KM and fast-charge capability of rates in the 1.6C-6C range, the Dragon Armor battery is the ultimate choice for demanding vehicle applications. The innovative battery design is compatible with cell-to-chassis concepts that can be customised to meet individual customer requirements.

Another breakthrough in Dragon Armor technology is the separation of the discharge channel and the high-voltage interior, which ensures separation of the thermaland electrical breakdown potential in the battery and thus maximum safety.

Preventing the thermal runaway of a battery pack is one of the most important safety factors. The high-temperature gas-liquid mixture generated during thermal runaway reduces the safety-relevant air and creepage distances in the high-voltage system, which in turn favours the formation of an arc. In the worst case, such an arc can cause a battery fire and thus an explosion.In the case of thermal runaway, the degassing channel in the Dragon Armor from SVOLT is located on the underside of the battery, while the HV connectors in the interior of the battery are attached to the side of the cells. In the event of a thermalrunaway, the high-temperature gas-liquid mixture is thus discharged from the battery by the shortest route and the risk of dangerous arcing in the
high-voltage system is eliminated.Customer concerns about battery safety can thus be eliminated.

All in all, the Dragon Armor battery offers customers a cost-effective, safe, powerful and highly variable solution for a wide range of vehicle applications. The
Dragon Armor battery is the first battery pack system to use such a separation of the thermal-electrical hazard potential and thus marks a milestone in the development of high-performance and safe battery systems for electric vehicles. According to Hongxin Yang, President of SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and CEO of SVOLT Energy Technology (Europe) GmbH, there is already an intensive customer exchange on the Dragon Armor battery.

Portable energy storage products for

mobile use inspire with high performance

In addition to battery solutions for electromobility, SVOLT also has an innovative portfolio for efficient and sophisticated energy storage. The Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) address energy suppliers as well as industry, trade and private households. The solutions are developed according to the latest design
principles. The focus is on the attributes “safe”, “strong” and “smart”. At Auto Shanghai, SVOLT presented its latest portable energy storage products as an energy source for on-the-go. These convince with their strong performance of 300W and 1000W and their compact design. These portable energy storage products are ideal for mobile use and offer innovative solutions for a sustainable energy supply.

This is the first time that SVOLT is presenting a range of battery solutions for different application scenarios at such an important automotive trade fair.

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